About Us

Who we are

Cyfle I Dyfu / Chance to Grow is a not-for-profit social enterprise, a social firm to be precise, you can find out what that means here.  We support and work with marginalised people, for example; 

  • A history of substance misuse
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Mental health problems


What we do

Our programme focuses on building practical skills that help people develop more positive routines, and sustain their development and / or recovery.  We provide real-life workplace experience, structure, routine, and social interaction & integration. Service users also have the chance to complete OCN qualifications as well as learn basic carpentry skills. In addition to this, employment and voluntary opportunities are explored and supported. One to one emotional support is also available during which they can discuss any problems or barriers which may prevent future access to employment.

Some of the crew

Our Aims 

  • We have a clear set of aims, these are:
  • To enable and empower marginalised people
  • To provide work experience opportunities
  • To support people to gain independence and become active, engaged members of their communities through employment and volunteering
  • To build a service that is not dependent on grant funding
  • To develop and expand a flagship social enterprise as a model for effective and sustainable service provision for marginalised people
  • To challenge and change the stigma and negative attitudes that people with a history of substance misuse or offending behaviour experience within society


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